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Geosite Map

A park of rocks, plants and history - geosite information

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Area A Horomankyo Area Area A Horomankyo Area Mt. Apoi Area Mt. Apoi Area Samani Coast Area Samani Coast Area Hidaka Yabakei Area Hidaka Yabakei Area Shintomi Area Shintomi Area

Area A Area A Horomankyo Area

A1 Power Station No. 2
A2 River beach near the quarry
A3 Japanese White Pine Monument
A4 Fudo-no-sawa
A5 Dam of Power Station No. 2
A6 Horoman-gawa Inari Shrine
A7 Horoman Dam (dam of Power Station No. 3)

Area B Mt. Apoi Area

B1 Rest Spot No. 4
B2 Alpine Plant Restoration Test Site
B3 Fifth-stage mountain lodge
B4 Sixth to seventh stages
B5 Umanose flower fields
B6 Mt. Apoi
B7 The previous horoman flower fields
B8 Apoi to Yoshida
B9 Mt. Yoshida
B10 Mt. Pinneshiri

Area C Samani Coast Area

C1 Shiogama Tunnel and Rosoku-iwa
C2 Oyako-iwa and Sobira-iwa
C3 Cape Enrumu
C4 Mt. Kannon
C5 Tojuin Temple
C6 Byobu Cliff in Hirau
C7 Old quarry behind Samani Elementary School
C8 Okada District cise (traditional Ainu dwelling)

Area D Hidaka Yabakei Area

D1 Ana-iwa in Fuyushima
D2 Fault at the Higashi Fuyushima Tunnel
D3 Metagabbro at the Kotoni Tunnel
D4 Granite at the Taisho Tunnel
D5 Geological fold at the Ruranbetsu Tunnel
D6 Samani Mountain Path and Wasuke Jizo

Area E Shintomi Area

E1 Old mine of Ono Kogyo Co., Ltd.
E2 Lenticular sandstone at the Samani Dam
E3 Chert in Shintomi
E4 Limestone blocks in Matsuokazawa

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