• Tourist Information Center

Tourist Information Center

The Tourism Information Center is a local information center inside the former Samani train station. Mt. Apoi Geopark and Samani pamphlets, information panels, and photos as well as information about tourist attractions in and around Samani, accommodations, and restaurants can be found inside the information center.
A variety of souvenirs, specialty products, and goods are sold at the information center. There is also an online store (only available in Japanese language).


  • Open: 8:30-16:30(On weekdays during Nov. to Mar. :10:00-16:00)
  • Closed: Wednesdays and Thursdays during Nov. to Mar. (Open daily during Apr. to Oct.)
  • Temporary baggage storage service (100 JPY)
  • Tel: +81-146-36-2551    E-mail: minasamani.302 @ theia.ocn.ne.jp