• Samani Coast Area

Samani Coast Area

A trading center known for its unusually shaped coastal rocks: Samani Coast Area

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In contrast to the geology of the towering Apoi Mountains, the area to their west is characterized by gently sloping terrain, with Samani Town center located on the coastline. Along with the Apoi Mountains, rocky peaks of varying sizes flanking the sea characterize the region's landscape. The unique scenery here is associated with numerous legends of the Ainu people, who have lived in harmony with the natural environment for hundreds of years. One of these rocky mountains is Mt. Kannon, thought to have previously been the site of a chashi (fort). With a height of only 100 meters or so, this peak overlooks Samani Fishing Port and has an observatory that affords sweeping views of rock formations in the sea as well as Mt. Apoi and other local icons.

Cape Enrumu on the coast east of Samani Fishing Port is an island connected to the mainland by a sandbar. The 1799 establishment of the Samani Kaisho outpost office by the Edo shogunate at the base of Cape Enrumu provided significant support for Samani's development. The observation platform here is an ideal spot from which to view Mt. Apoi Geopark.