• C8: Okada District cise (traditional Ainu dwelling)

Samani Coast Area

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Okada District cise (traditional Ainu dwelling)

Okada District cise (traditional Ainu dwelling)

A traditional Ainu cise dwelling has been restored and preserved in the Okada district, which is just before the entrance to the Shintomi area. Cise were constructed using wooden frames, and the roof and walls were thatched using reeds and other types of grass. Despite Hokkaido's cold climate, the interior of cise remained relatively warm because their walls and earthen floors retained heat from fires in traditional sunken hearths known as irori.

There used to be a kotan (Ainu settlement) in this area. According to lore, the Ainu of Samani came from eastern Hokkaido - a theory supported by their dialect and grave markers. This cultural migration across the Hidaka Mountains is considered noteworthy.