• C2: Oyako-iwa and Sobira-iwa

Samani Coast Area

Geological Site


Oyako-iwa and Sobira-iwa

Oyako-iwa and Sobira-iwa

The sandy beach and park immediately ahead constitute the Oyako-iwa Fureai Beach Campsite - a popular summertime destination for beachgoers and campers.

Far out at sea from the campsite are three rocks called Oyako-iwa (meaning "parent and child rock"), which stand close together like a mother and father with a child. They are a symbol of Samani along with Mt. Apoi. Oyako-iwa is also known for its appearance in spectacular sunsets; the sight of the sun going down behind the three rocks during a certain part of winter is truly magnificent.

To the left is an embankment with another rock called Sobira-iwa towering beyond it. Sobira comes from the Ainu name for the towering rock, which means "rock next to waterfall flowing over cliff." Today, the waterfalls no longer cascade over the cliffs but the name Sobira remained. Oyako-iwa and Sobira-iwa are both associated with a sad Ainu legend about parents and a child (information about this legend and more can be found on the information plaques at Mt. Apoi Geopark).