• Accommodation, activities and food

Accommodation, activities and food


Apoi Sanso Hotel is located near the Mt. Apoi trailhead. It is known for its fabulous location with views of Mt. Apoi and the Pacific Ocean and for its warm hospitality.

Address: Aza Hirau 479-7, Samani, Hokkaido 058-0004
Tel.: +81-146-36-5211
Fax: +81-146-36-5210
E-mail: samani@apoi-sanso.co.jp
URL: https://www.apoi-sanso.co.jp/eng/
No. of guestrooms: 19
Capacity: 59


Mt. Apoi Geopark has two non-demarcated campsites: one facing the sea and the other facing a mountain. The former is on the beach with views of the Oyako-iwa Rocks, and the latter is at the foot of Mt. Apoi. The campsites are highly popular in summer (July - August).

Period: Apoi-sanroku Family Park Campsite: mid-April - late September
Oyako-iwa Fureai Beach Campsite: late June - late September
Fees (per night):
Adults: 600 yen
Elementary and junior high school students: 400 yen
Screened tent/tarp : 300 yen/each
Contact for inquiries: Commerce, Industry and Tourism Department, Samani Town Office
Tel.: +81-146-36-2119
Fax: +81-146-36-2662
E-mail: apoi.geopark@festa.ocn.ne.jp

Local specialties

Mt. Apoi Geopark has numerous local specialties with a focus on marine products such as Hidaka Kombu kelp and salmon. These and a variety of merchandise with designs based on the park's mascots are sold at Apoi Sanso Hotel, Mt. Apoi Geopark Visitor Center and Samani Tourist Information Center (in Samani Station).