Sea Fishing

The coastal area of Samani is considered to have some of the top sea fishing spots in the Hidaka region including Utoma Harbor, inner Samani Harbor along the east breakwater and Pacific coast, Fuyushima Harbor, Yamanaka area, Unotoriiwa/Cormorant Rock, and the Horoman area.
The main game is greenling, then flounder, Japanese fluvial sculpin, Japanese smelt, saffron cod, and masked greenling. Visitors can also enjoy pole fishing for autumn salmon.
You can occasionally catch a 50 cm class king flounder, although they are hard to find.

For the latest fishing information please contact:
Hayasaka Fishing Shop +81-146-36-2229

River Fishing

There are many fishing spots along the numerous clear mountain springs in Samani. Downstream from the Samani Dam you can fish for carp, rainbow trout, and Japanese dace. Upstream around the Horoman Dam you can fish for rainbow trout, char, and landlocked salmon. A fishing permit is required to fish around the Horoman Dam.

One-day permit - 500 JPY
Seasonal permit (June 1st - Oct 31st) - 3,000 JPY

For inquiries please contact:
Nippon Denko Co., Ltd. Hidaka Factory (0146) 36-2211
Hayasaka Fishing Shop (0146) 36-2229


Surfing is allowed just about anywhere there are waves, and many surfers enjoy riding the waves even in chilly Hokkaido.
There are many surfing spots in Hokkaido but due to the particular wave conditions, clear water and beautiful scenery, surfing in Samani is well known only to a few. The waves break easily along the coastline around Mt. Apoi and little wind makes for favorable conditions. Surfers from the main island and from abroad make their way here every year between May and November.

For surfing information and rules, please contact:
North Spirits Tel:+81-146-39-1173
http://northspirits-1173.com/ * only available in Japanese language


A wide variety of wild birds can be found all-year round in Mt. Apoi Geopark, however, winter is by far the best season for bird watching. The bare trees improve visibility and migratory birds from the Asian continent that are rarely seen elsewhere in Japan migrate to the area.
Birds of prey such as the Steller's sea eagle and the white tailed eagle, as well as whooper swans, geese, and ducks can usually be found around the mouth of Samani River.
Many of the local birds can also be seen along the Visitor Center's nature trail.