• Geopark Certified Products

Geopark Certified Products

Starting in August 2020, the Mt. Apoi Geopark began designating unique regional products that convey the nature, culture, and history of the area as "Mt. Apoi Geopark Certified Products."
These certified products are permitted to use the "Geopark Certified Product" logo, and will be introduced on the geopark website. Let's liven up the area through certified products!
Some of them, you can buy at Samani Tourist Information Center and Geopark Visitor Center.

List of Certified Products

1. Apoi Dream Bento
2. Hidaka Kelp Soy Chips
3. Madani Tick Goods

Application Guidelines

1. Application Requirements and Criteria for Selection

1. Products that express a connection to the geopark and will create a positive image
2. Finished products that utilize primary commodities or resources from within the geopark (Samani Town)
3. Products that utilize local goods from within the geopark (Samani Town)
4. Products that are unique
5. Products where continuous sales are expected

2. Certification Process

The Geopark Promotion Council Review Committee will judge all applications.

3. Certification Term

Certification is valid for a term of 3 years and must be renewed after each term.

4. Certification Logo

The official logo may be displayed on product packaging, menus, etc. The logo will be provided separately.

5. Application Guidelines

For more information about this process please send inquiries to:
apoi.geopark @ samani.jp (Secretariat of the Geopark Promotion Council)