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Samani Coast Area

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Cape Enrumu

Cape Enrumu

The observation platform on Cape Enrumu affords panoramic views of the Apoi Mountains (Mt. Apoi - Mt. Pinneshiri), the streetscape of Samani, the distant ridges of the Hidaka Mountains and Cape Erimo on a clear day.

The Apoi Mountains are made up of peridotite, which was pushed above the ground from deep in the earth's mantle (corresponding to the egg white if the earth were a boiled egg). It is believed that approximately 13 million years ago the edge of the North American Plate to the east was thrust onto the Eurasian Plate to the west, resulting in the formation of these mountains. Mt. Apoi was thus created by the earth's dynamic movement. Although mankind has the technology to send a probe to Mars, the mantle remains an unknown world that nobody has ever reached. Mt. Apoi provides valuable opportunities - even on a global scale - for insights into this largely unknown world.

Cape Enrumu is connected to the mainland by accumulated sand. Its extension into the sea makes the cape ideal for anchoring ships and has long supported thriving port activity there. This laid the foundations for Samani's prosperity today.

Behind the cape is a cliff featuring platy joints created when magma cooled and solidified. It is well worth seeing. The summertime contrast between the joints and Hidaka Kombu kelp being sun-dried beneath them makes an interesting sight.