• B4: Sixth to seventh stages

Mt. Apoi Area

Geological Site


Sixth to seventh stages

Sixth to seventh stages

The sixth stage loosely marks the forest limit and the start of a dwarf stone pine zone; the scenic surroundings and panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean open up here. The area provides vistas of Cape Enrumu and Oyako-iwa to the west as well as Samani Town center on a clear day.

A peridotite outcrop is located to the right of the trail near the top of the steep slope. A close look shows its overlapping horizontal layers, which are alternate strata of peridotite and gabbro. The protruding parts are hard gabbro and the recessed brown parts are peridotite.

Visitors can observe the outcrop from the trail; off-trail walking without prior authorization is prohibited on Mt. Apoi.