• B5: Umanose flower fields

Mt. Apoi Area

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Umanose flower fields

Umanose flower fields

The section from the fifth-stage mountain lodge to the Umanose area (altitude: 615 meters) is the most challenging for Mt. Apoi climbers. However, it provides opportunities to see a plethora of blooms, and flower fields continue along the trail from here to the summit.

The pointed triangular peak on the northern ridge to the left of Mt. Apoi's summit is Mt. Yoshida, and the middle of the three peaks farther to its north is Mt. Pinneshiri. The rugged ridgelines of these mountains provide a reminder of the Apoi Mountains' peridotite constitution.

On a clear day, the ridges of Mt. Toyoni, Mt. Pirikanupuri, Mt. Kamui and other peaks in the southern Hidaka Mountains stretch into the distance far north. It takes nearly an hour to get from here to the summit. At the fork in the road, climbers should take the left trail to reach the peak.