• B1: Rest Spot No. 4

Mt. Apoi Area

Ecological Site


Rest Spot No. 4

Rest Spot No. 4

The path from the trailhead to the fifth-stage mountain lodge (B3) on Mt. Apoi continues with a serene air of mixed coniferous and broad-leaved forests. The area's forest communities represent unique habitats where Kitagoyo (P. parviflora var. pentaphylla; a cool temperate-zone species) and alpestrine Glehn's spruce trees grow together. This geosite is one of several rest spots along the trail featuring commentary boards and benches.

Visitors going down to the stream by the bench and gently turning over stones there may see Japanese crayfish (Cambaroides japonicus). As this stream is the only one of Mt. Apoi's trails to never run dry throughout the year, it provides a habitat for Japanese crayfish - a species classified as vulnerable. In this way, the place is an oasis for relaxation and recreation where children can play in and around water.

*Japanese crayfish may be observed, but must not be removed.