• A6: Horoman-gawa Inari Shrine

Horomankyo Area

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Horoman-gawa Inari Shrine

Horoman-gawa Inari Shrine

A red shrine gate stands by the forest road immediately after Power Station No. 3 on the opposite bank. The shrine located above the stairs here was constructed in 1936 by the company that built the hydroelectric power facilities at the gorge. The power facility near the shrine gate was the first of its kind in the Hidaka region, and the power generator used in its early days remains there today.

Visitors negotiating the pathless route to the nearby riverbank will see numerous cylindrical holes on the white rock surfaces there. The type of peridotite here is known as plagioclase lherzolite, and the cylindrical potholes were created by swirling water entering openings drilled into the bedrock.