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Samani Public Library KAN x KAN Lectures: Reading Picnic

The Samani Public Library KAN x KAN Lecture series held a "Reading Picnic" outside on the library's lawn. The librarian held a talk where they recommended various books that they had handpicked for the event. As someone who always picks my own books and ends up reading the same things, it was a breath of fresh air.

library 1.jpg

There were even books about the local area.

library 2.jpg

Since it was a reading picnic, I was fascinated by the lunches that everyone brought.

library 3.jpg

- A librarian is a professional staff member at a prefectural or municipal public libraries, who select, order, and accept library materials, classify, catalog, check out, and provide reading guides.

- The KAN x KAN Lectures is a series of lectures co-organized by the following facilities: Samani Public Library, Samani Folk Museum, and Mt. Apoi Geopark Visitor Center. These lectures cover a wide range of topics that highlights the culture of the area, and can be anything from outdoor activities to workshops. These are held about once a month, along with various mini-lectures. The "Explore Apoi" nature excursions were held in May along the foothills of Mt. Apoi.

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