July 3rd Geo-Holiday

On July 3rd, we held the Geo-Holiday event where locals can explore the town with certified guides to rediscover the history and geology of Samani.

geoholiday 1.jpg

We visited Cape Enrumu and the Samani Folk Museum. The weather was perfect. Just the right temperature with a pleasant breeze.

geoholiday 2.jpg

The bright green of parsley plants and the deep blue of the Samani fishing harbor as seen from the viewing platform on Cape Enrumu gave us the feeling of summer. We could also see some kelp drying beds from here.

geoholiday 3.jpg

Mt. Apoi, clouds, and participants.

geoholiday 4.jpg

This information panel in front of the Folk Museum explains the Samani Kaisho. Partway through some participants from Hyogo prefecture joined us.

geoholiday 5.jpg

At Cape Enrumu we ran into some visitors from Sapporo and Chiba prefectures. Here is a conversation that happened between our participants and the visitors.

- Cape Enrumu is located south of the national highway, so it was a little difficult to find the place. I could see the sign along the highway from one side but not the other, so I passed by it. I saw the stairs from the highway, so I thought this must be the place and came here.
- Since you came all the way here be sure to climb the stairs up to the viewing platform.
- We are touring around Hokkaido and Cape Enrumu is listed as a point of interest.
- What is a kaisho?
- The butterbur plants in Hokkaido are large and impressive. I remember making an umbrella with the butterburs when I visited the Hidaka region 50 years ago. Stories about the edible butterbur flowers and angelica tree shoots are interesting.
- This was the first I had heard that this was the place that the Samani Junior High school students were raising and planting seedlings as part of their Dream Project.
- Seeing the kelp drying beds while driving through Samani was impressive.
- I took my time looking at the exhibits in the Folk Museum.


In order to sustainably conserve and utilize the geological, natural, and cultural heritage that are the assets of Samani in the future, this event aims to develop an awareness and foster momentum so that many people can reconsider the charms of the town and rediscover the charms of Samani with certified guides.

This course was held at the suggestion of a certified guide. It is a once in a lifetime encounter with visitors and participants from out of town. It is also a great opportunity to take a leisurely stroll.

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