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Underwater Images, Before and After a Red Ride 2021 Geoparks & Oceans

An article from Mt. Apoi titled "Underwater Images Before and After a Red Tide 2021" was published by the UNESCO Global Geopark Network in a digital magazine called "Geoparks & Oceans."

New publication on Geoparks and the Oceans.


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1) The Red Tide Event in 2021

At the end of September 2021, a widespread red tide event, which decimated marine life, occurred along the Pacific Ocean coastline of eastern Hokkaido, where the Geopark is located. According to research institutes in Hokkaido, the species of the genus Karenia (K. mikimotoi and K. selliformis), a marine dinoflagellate, was detected in parts of the red tide plankton. Along the Samani coastline, many dead sea urchins and sea whelks were discovered, and it is predicted that some marine life will take approximately 7-10 years to fully recover, creating a very grave situation. Mt. Apoi Geopark continues to report updated information. (2021 Samani Area Marine Vision News)

September 28, 2021 Empty sea urchin shells along the Samani coastline

2) Images Before the Red Tide

A local Hidaka kelp fisherman once said, "kelp grows due to photosynthesis under the rolling waves, creating its own marine ecosystem." In order to better understand these words, we took underwater footage in 2019 and held a movie screening for the local community.

Underwater footage, "Samani's Kelp and Ocean Life"


These showings started an open dialogue between locals who knew about kelp fishing and those who did not, and those who knew little about the ocean floor topography, sediment, and marine life. We heard many voices that day, including locals that hope the abundant ocean life will continue for many years to come. We hope to continue to educate and inform our community about the importance of the ocean's ecosystems.

Kelp at Fuyushima district in Samani, Hokkaido

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